Sunday, 1 March 2009

H23 Number 1

Submitted by Spaceman33:
I only recently became aware of this publication and only have this first issue, so any further information as to how many issues there were would be appreciated. H23 was published by Ron Rice, who was based in Pullman, Washington. Well done interviews with Philip Perkins, David Myers (Arcane Device), Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding), Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety), Daniel Plunkett (publisher of ND magazine), plus reviews. From 1989.
(note by 433RPM: I have the two issues that came after that, and will post them in the future, including the 7" that came with issue 2)

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  1. Hello,
    I also have the first two issues but I would love to see issue 3. This review made me discover Randy Greif in the early 90's.


  2. Yo, I'm Ron Rice--the guy with made H23. Any questions, feel free to email me: ron.rice[at] You can also check out my current music projects at

  3. hi ron

    good to hear from you. we'll soon (i hope) post the other 2 issues. it was a great magazine!