Friday, 6 March 2009

Datenverarbeitung 8

Submitted by 433 RPM:
Perhaps you know the name Datenverarbeitung as a great German label, responsible for 'Die Fliegen' by Die Kloperfbande, Hunting Lodge or the various compilations, such as 'Eindzeit', 'Sinn & Form' and 'Bain Total Germany', but it started as a magazine. I only have this issue, which is mostly in English, but also some in German. Articles on Radio Free Europe, Esplendor Geometrico, Albrecht D, Selektion, Sterile Records, MB, Laughing Hands and Aleph2 Records (of which I never heard a release - anyone can help?).



  1. Thx!

    little tip i learned from comicbook scanners, if you back the pages with black construction paper while scanning the opposite page won't bleed through as bad.

  2. thanks for the tip. i'll try to remember, but it involves quite a bit of extra work, so maybe i won't do and people have to enjoy what they get. or ignore i guess.