Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Archive 1 & 3

Submitted by 433rpm
A fanzine published by Frans de Waard in 1984, which doesn't have interviews or reviews but discographies of various bands up to that point. He says its a 'supplement' to other fanzines. Remember this is all long before internet, Discogs and all that. Included are Esplendor Geometrico, The Legendary Pink Dots, Attrition, DDAA, Konstruktivits, Portion Control, The Nocturnal Emissions, P16D4, Van Kaye + Ignit. The second issue was all about Insane Music, which came with a cassette, which I will put up separate, and number 3 is included here: a single sheet with updates. Afterwards Frans de Waard granted this a release on his Korm Plastics label, cataloguenumber KP2, and issue 3 is KP 9.

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