Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cass Gazz 8

Submitted by 433rpm:

I almost thought of completing all the Siam newsletters, but after five more I think I wouldn't have a visitor left, although I liked the perverse act of putting on non english magazines for such a long time. Ok, so here's an english one again, and unfortunately the only issue I have of it. I did put black sheets behind it, but it still shines through. Too bad, don't complain ('don't look at my outward shape but take what is my hand'). Its a different scanner, since I went to a friend to scan this (and 13 other A3 magazines, yesterday and today), but the others look better. This magazine was made by Alain Demeure from Belgium and contains just reviews of cassettes. I scanned them in the order which the magazine had. From 1984. I really wished I had other copies too!


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