Thursday, 19 August 2010

Artitude 1

Submitted by 433rpm:

Having temporary access to a big scanner also meant I could finally scan this magazine, of which I will be posting all 12 issues as of now. Printed on newspaper. The first issue has pieces on Three Minute Symphony, Test Dept, Coil/Current 93, ethnic and classic music and an interview with Johnny Rotten. Great magazine. In English. October 1984



  1. OK, seems like nobody is commenting to show their appreciation for all these scans, so let me be the first one in a while to give a hearty *THANK YOU* for all your labors.

    Having all these materials in one place has been a TREMENDOUS help in finishing my book on self-released music; I had a lot written but these 'zines have been really useful for 'filling the gaps' (even the translation work is kinda fun, when it is a subject I like knowing more about.)

    Did I miss it, or was any of 'De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus' featured here before? Have been curious to see that for a while.

    Keep it up!

  2. ot featured yet, not even scanned