Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Die Katastrophe 9

Submitted by 433 rpm

Graf Haufen is perhaps best known for his Falx Cerebri (one-man) band, but also from his label Graf Haufen Tapes. Less known perhaps is that he also published a fanzine, Die Katastrophe, of which I am presenting today number 9 - I don't have any of the older ones. Basically its a fanzine of reviews, mostly from the world of cassettes. You may not want to download this, since its all in German, but I advise to do a download and look at all the names of obscurities in there. Some of them were posted on No Longer Forgotten Music, but as this magazine will proof, there is lots more forgotten (and to be honest I don't have them either), so you can have an idea what to look for.


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