Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lowlife 15

Submitted by Spaceman33:
Lowlife was published by Glen Thrasher in Atlanta, Georgia, and featured a combination of local Atlanta and global music coverage. They also ran a cassette & record label. I've only got a few later issues. This is #15, which I think is from 1988, my main clue being the cover artwork is dated that year. This sucker is huge, nearly 90 pages, and is packed with reviews, lots of interviews with Atlanta bands, but also an interview with Miekal And & Liz Was, and lots of other stuff. It also came with a free 7" 33rpm with 6 bands, that I've included (no indexing). I lived in Atlanta from 1981-87 and
used to practically live at all the records stores you see advertized in the mag.


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