Thursday, 2 April 2009


Submitted by 433rpm:
ADN is perhaps best known as a cassette label and distribution of cassettes in the 80s in Italy. They produced some great tapes (Tasaday, New 7th Music, Verdenskang) and later on produced some vinyl (Conrad Schnitzler, De Fabriek), but they had a magazine too. I think number 5 was the first in English, and I may have that 'somewhere in the basement, vault, attic, dustbin', but for now, we do number 6, which is a bunch of seperate papers in a plastic bags. Interview with Art Zoyd, Bourbonese Qualk, Die Form & Nulla Iperreale (which is a different Die Form than the one you know - I know), Esplendor Geometrico, New 7th Music, Smegma and Steve Feigenbaum, plus reviews.


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