Saturday, 21 February 2009

Flowmotion 5

submitted by 433rpm:
Flowmotion is perhaps best known through the compilation Integrated Circuit Records released with music by Chris & Cosey, Those Little Aliens, Eyeless In Gaza, David Jackman, Ian Boddy, Legendary Pink Dots, Paul Nagle, Carl Matthews and Colin Potter, but it was foremost a fanzine. I have this issue only, and the one they did with Interchange. The line up of the LP gives a good idea about the magazine: experimental and more cosmic synth music. Here in issue articles on Conrad Schnitzler, Konstruktivits, Metamorphosis, Frieder Butzmann, Klaus Schulze, The Final Academy, 23 Skidoo, Z'EV and reviews. No date for this fanzine, but I think around Oh, I couldn't find the LP online (or perhaps I just didn't look very well), so I may it up on No Longer Forgotten Music soon.



  1. If looking for an obscure LP and cannot find it, you can bet that Mutant Sounds will have posted it.

    I think I have some other issues somewhere. I will hunt in boxes...

    Stefan M—/