Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Keynotes 8

Submitted by 433rpm:

An old friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of magazines. I posted from this lot various issues of Electric Shock Treatmnet, and there is various art magazines which I won't do, since I want to keep this all about music. Keynotes is definetly about music. The subtitle is 'Musical Life In The Netherlands' and is published by Donemus from Amsterdam. Articles on electronic music by Dick Raaijmakers, Jos Leussink, Sylvia van Ameringen, Stan Tempelaars, Mischa Mengelberg, Victor Wentink, Michel Waisvisz, Gene Carl, Frits Weiland, Leigh Landy. About theory, gadgets and praxis. The only issue I have from this magazine. From February 1978.


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