Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Electric Shock Treatment 3

Submitted by 433rpm

There has been some nice response to this indeed lovely magazine. It gets bigger and bigger, this issue is 56 pages (the next 64 and then 80). Its quite a work to scan of all these and it just takes hours behind the scanner, which I not always have at my hand. Be patient, it all comes, one day. Inside this issue you'll find pieces on Steve Reich, The State, Negativland/Plagiarism, Front Line Assembly, Contrastate and again tons of reviews, magazines and more.



  1. Really appreciated as usual!

    Great blog

  2. Just found you via TheeBrad. looks interesting. This stuff really did need archiving. Thank you.

  3. Cool magazine. Just to note, if you ever do get tired of scanning, that Brian (EST founder) has put most of EST up online. Start here: http://media.hyperreal.org/zines/est/index.html

    Stefan M—

  4. yeah i know about this, but the scans are nice, though indeed a lot of work. i found number 7 (90 pages!), but no luck on number 6 yet.