Thursday, 9 July 2009

Industrial Elitist Songbook No 1

Posted by Spaceman33

This is the only issue I've got of this little digest sized zine published in California, though I learned from a Google search that there were 3 altogether. Includes interviews with Sue Ann Harkey/Audio Letter, Aeon Import Records, Alvin Lucier, John Trubee, Mr Epp & the Calculations, aParty Sound Tapes profile (they're the ones publishing the mag), lots of reviews and contact info. Published in February 1983.


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  1. There was only ever 1 issue of this. The second issue (which was only about 1/3 done) was PLANNED to include a Henry Kaiser interview, a Matt Groening interview, possibly a Charles Manson interview focusing entirely on music and nothing else, possibly an interview with members of the "Ice Cream For Crow" era Magic Band and my wish list for (eventual) interviews included: Charles Bukowski, John Rechy, Trevor Wishart, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Alan Silva, Sunny Murray and Tod Dockstader at some point. Brad had a few people on his wish list as well and had we gotten any of them then we'd have decided what to put in the second issue and if there would be enough to get started on a 3rd issue. But work on the second issue never got beyond the Matt and Henry interviews. So this issue was the lone one.