Monday, 22 June 2009

The Siam Letter on Industrial Arts & Music Volume 1, Number 1

Submitted by 433RPM:

Ok, let's see how you like this. This is the first issue of a magazine published by Franz Liebl, from Munich, who ran at the time (this issue is from may 1988) also a small mail order. I don't think it had a name or so. I might be wrong. But the reason you may not like this, is that its all in German. And no I don't provide translations. But don't let that keep you back from downloading and looking at it. It mainly has reviews, an article on We Never Sleep, addresses of labels and fanzines (which I don't recommend writing at these addresses anymore), a Throbbing Gristle discography and a release list. So its lots of names and that is always nice spotting. Well, I think. But I can read German.


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