Friday, 15 May 2009

De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus 1983

Submitted by 433rpm:

This is a booklet I still use a lot for my No Longer Forgotten Music blog, although not this first edition. There have been, I think, three editions (well those I have and won't sell), and I always use the second one, as the third omits all no longer available cassettes. I use all three probably to some extend. Its hard to imagine in the internet days how valueable books like this were. The 'International Discography Of The New Wave' was one I used to sleep with actually. Regard this as 'discogs' on paper, basically a list of all independently released cassettes in The Netherlands up to that point. This is said to be Frans de Waard's very first public appearance and brought him some publicity. Later on he announced that this was the first release by Korm Plastics, even when it was published before actually starting the label (hence it doesn't appear in this edition). Looking at these lists I'd say there is a lot more waiting to be blogged - yet not by me, as I don't have these tapes.

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  1. Deeply appreciated - thanks!
    Made a single pdf out of the scans above...