Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Unsound Vol. 1, No. 1

(intro by 433 rpm, submitted by Spaceman33):
Due to my posting on No Longer Forgotten Music, some people tend to think I know everything, which is hardly true. Sometimes people mail me a snippet of a song, thinking I might know it. Maybe it would be good to have an open end blog for music questions - but hell, I am not going to do that. But sometimes I get nice e-mails too - the majority of course - and one was from Spaceman33 of Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio who is writing a book on the cassette underground and for his research he has access to many magazines and fanzines, which he promised to scan for us. Here is the first. He writes:

Unsound was a mag published in San Francisco by William Davenport, who was also in the band Problemist. I've got 6 issues, and, I believe, there were about 8, published between 1983-86. This is the first issue from September 1983 and features an interview with Perry Webb of Culturcide, an overview of the Los Angeles experimental electronic scene by Brad Laner, and much more. One of the earlier US based publications with any longevity that covered the industrial/noise/punk/experimental underground.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing stuff and I sorry for these "spam" mails that people like me send you.


  2. Its fine to send a comment, or additional information of course!


  3. i have ten issues. it's also worth mentioning that later issues included networking info for labels, vengues, etc.

    vol 1, issue 1 - sept 83
    vol 1, issue 2 - nov 83
    vol 1, issue 3 - feb 84
    vol 1, issue 4 - june 84
    vol 1, issue 5 - october 84
    vol 2, issue 1 - feb 85
    vol 2, issue 2 - june 85
    vol 2, issue 3/4 - ?? 1985
    vol 3, issue 1 - 1985
    vol 3, issue 2 - 85 final issue (includes cassette)


  4. Hi Steve, any chance to get these wonderful issues scanned or in pdf format?